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Organizations benefit from an effective reporting, analytics and information delivery strategy. This approach allows end users to review and digest large amounts of complex data in a simplified, efficient manner. As a result, resources can be focused more on proactive decision-making and other value-added activities.

RMC has built robust reporting systems that span a wide variety of industries, operational roles and system components. We can build reports that contain the information you want and automatically deliver those reports to those who should receive them. Whether it’s a report on the status of the latest data feed to any violations of parameters (drift beyond allowed boundaries, maturity of accounts receivable, and much more).

Reports can span the spectrum from very detailed to high level; providing information for various types of end users ranging from C-Suite members to operational users. Accurate reporting provides insight into trends, highlights problem areas, and provides for effective solutions.


Reports allow effective utilization of resources

RMC’s reporting solutions span the various data modules integrated into the platform. Reports can be created to summarize, highlight or render details to help decision making, compliance or workflow status.

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Reporting solutions

RMC can work with you to design and develop a specific reporting solution to meet your unique needs.

Automated reports can cover several operations areas but are often related to key performance indicators, financials, and other time-dependent information. RMC can help define, design and develop these reports as well as their delivery mechanisms. Depending on the requirments, report data can be sourced from existing or new standalone databases as well as ensuring proper integrations with ERP software, accounting software, CRM software. Automated reporting solution is often integrated with email service for proper notification.

Successful reporting solution depends on various factors such as data security, proper data aggregation mechanisms, well-established data governance. RMC will ensure these underlying requirements are properly in place.

Often times successful reporting solutions allow the users to customize their reports to keep up with the business chagnes as well as decision making criteria. RMC can help develop report writer allowing users to create custom reports. Users can include information from any of the data fields, across any of the data modules, and conduct calculations or include specific commentary. Data can be presented in a custom view specific to their needs.

Reports can be created on as needed basis or set-up as a template and scheduled for automatic delivery. Data can also be exported in various formats for use in other software products.