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Data Management

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Data Management

Data management, as important as it is, can be time consuming and cumbersome. Moving between databases and spreadsheets can cause frustration and errors in the data. Additionally, storing large datasets, especially in various forms (text, numerical, etc.) and then accessing them for analytics and reporting can seem to require PhD’s in database management. Our Data Management capabilities start with architecting the data model to best fit your needs, building quality management systems, designing and maintaining storage solutions, building security, migration and backup systems.


RMC has the experience for offering the following solutions:

  • Data Architecture
    and Integration
  • Data Storage
    and Backup
  • Data warehousing,
    analysis and reporting
  • Data Security
    and Quality Management
  • Data Migration
    and Aggregation
  • Data Science
    and Visualization
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RMC team has more than two decades of experience in offering data management solutions. Our goal is to define the data management objectives of your organization by evaluating the present state and the future state.

  • Carefully understand the requirements and architecht the solutions involving appropriate technology and platform.
  • Every solution must consider consitency, accuracy and completeness. Consistnecy across data stores, reliable and clean data while ensuring sufficent data is collected or analyzed for answering intended business questions.
  • RMC ensures data and the associated information is made avaiable within a reasonable period of time or in accordance with the corporate standards.
  • Design generally includes the feature to track changes to account for any future audit. Often times maintain the trail of data collection and changes are critical to identify any discrepency.

RMC Service offerings

RMC would evaluate the maturiy level of your current data management program, define the new data management objectives, architecht appropriate solutions, develop and deliver them via the following models:

In this model we will deploy necessary resources and bill monthly based on the hours or efforts reported per month.

Similar to Time & Material, in this model appropriate efforts are spent based on the stated upper limit and billed monthly.

In the Managed service model, a monthly subscription fee is charged for the stated work and RMC develops, delivers and maintains the solutions.