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IT Assessments

IT Assessments

We will review your entire IT stack and report on our findings including any vulnerability we find. Our report can include remediation steps. If desired, we can implement our recommendations. This fact-based and holistic approach to identifying areas for improvement and efficiency within your IT department is an important component to a useful, reliable and secure IT infrastructure.

We provide both a qualitative and quantitative measure of IT performance providing key insights regarding staff, organization, alignment with objectives and risk management. We deliver more than just metrics. We provide valuable industry best practices, root cause analysis and subject matter expertise to pinpoint actionable results through prioritized recommendations.

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What to Expect

Our holistic approach

We interview key individuals including executive management and IT staff. The consensus built around expectations from these interviews form the basis for deliverables moving forward including prioritizations. The recommendations presented from an IT assessment help improve reliability, security and business alignment.

  • Identify stregths
  • Identify Risks
  • Roadmap Development
  • Improve Efficiency

  • Efficient

    RMC provides answers to current issues and results to have a lasting impact.

  • Effective Solutions

    We evaluate more than just IT productivity. We also look at the contribution to the longevity, growth, and prosperity of your organization.

  • Reduce Cost

    Outages, meeting regulatory and compliance needs, or remote access are all components that can benefit from an IT assessment.

  • Proven Solutions

    Our assessments come with recommendations. All recommendations are fully implementable by RMC. We use industry best practices and industry standard software and tools.

  • Enhance & Upgrade

    An IT assessment can identify legacy systems that may be high-cost systems and would benefit from conversion to new systems.

  • Comprehensive

    Our holistic approach incorporates processes, vision alignment, technologies, and operations.

Types of Assessment

RMC provides a thorough and detailed IT assessment. Our expertise and experience help to ensure that you'll get a 360-degree veiw into the technolgoy solutions that utilize and the way they are delivered to your organization.

Get a health check on your IT to ensure your infrastructure and apps aren’t causing issues. Review your organization structure and processes to identify key areas of improvement.

Compile all your existing IT policies and documentation and review them in detail. This will give you an idea of how the parts work together and help you identify inefficiencies. Policies we review include BYOD policies, Incident policies, Disaster policies, Password policies, Acceptable use policies.

Internal processes are how the pieces of your company work together. Take a hard look at how your company functions. Analyzing the inner workings of your business technology is key to understanding the current state of your information technology.