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Cloud & Data Migration

Cloud & Data Migration

Being in the cloud is an important part of an IT strategy yet many organizations remain on (or are inexorably tied to) legacy systems. We have the experience you need to migrate existing systems and functionality to the cloud and also to then manage the cloud to maximize your uptime and reliability.

We have experience with public and private cloud implementations and can customize an implementation to best suit your needs. We can work with your existing cloud strategy or help you develop and implement a cloud strategy.

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Cloud Migration Challenges

RMC has the expertise to overcome cloud migration challenges

  • Migrating large databases: Often, databases will need to move to a different platform altogether in order to function in the cloud. Moving a database is difficult, especially if there are large amounts of data involved.
  • Data integrity: After data is transferred, the next step is making sure data is intact and secure, and is not leaked during the process.
  • Continued operation: A business needs to ensure that its current systems remain operational and available throughout the migration. They will need to have some overlap between on-premises and cloud to ensure continuous service.

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Key benefits of cloud migration

Gain scalability, reduce cost, improve performance

RMC can provide comprehensive consulting and data migration services to help switch to cloud computing.

  • Scalability: Cloud computing can scale up to support larger workloads and greater numbers of users far more easily than on-premises infrastructure, which requires companies to purchase and set up additional physical servers, networking equipment, or software licenses.
  • Cost: Companies that move to the cloud often vastly reduce the amount they spend on IT operations, since the cloud providers handle maintenance and upgrades. Instead of keeping things up and running, companies can focus more resources on their biggest business needs – developing new products or improving existing ones.
  • Performance: For some businesses, moving to the cloud can enable them to improve performance and the overall user experience for their customers. If their application or website is hosted in cloud data centers instead of in various on-premises servers, then data will not have to travel as far to reach the users, reducing latency.

Migration Process

Any workload can be migrated and even complete data centers eliminating any costs and risks associated with proprietary in-house systems. In return, you get better uptime, better risk mitigation, better reliability and better accessibility.

We will help identify the workloads that need to be moved or should be moved to the cloud based on the biggest benefit for you relative to the effort to move the workload.

We will show you how to get the most out of your cloud experience and monitor multiple metrics including costs and uptime.

We will show you how to use existing tools or we can build custom tools to help with any governance and ongoing compliance management needs.