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Virtual CIO (VCIO)

Virtual CIO (VCIO)

For those who don’t need a full-time dedicated CIO, we offer a semi-dedicated IT executive who provides short- or long-term support for IT strategy, operations, and leadership. If your business needs strategic direction but you don’t have the budget for a full-time CIO, a vCIO is an excellent choice to help you set your priorities and manage your day-to-day technology operations.

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RMC team members has more than two decades of experience in IT consulting, IT outsourcing, and managed IT services

  • More Value: A virtual CIO gives you access to the expertise of a full time CIO at lower costs.
  • More expertise: Access diverse resources within our virtual CIO team including competencies in advanced technologies.
  • More focus: Business growth depends on the ability to bring technological transformation. RMC helps you with our virtual CIO services so you can focus on your organization.

Areas of expertise

Our vCIO service as part of our End-to-end IT management includes two core areas: IT transformation and IT optimization. Your business can select the level of service based on your needs.

RMC vCIO team can develop an IT strategy that supports business initiatives and oversees its implementation.

vCIO team can manage IT functions to ensure operational efficiency within your organization.