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Company History

RMC Services is a minority owned company

Since its debut in 2010, RMC Services has brought cutting edge solutions for asset management to the marketplace. Even though RMC services officially formed in 2010, its principals were working with plan sponsors since 2000. We learned the challenges that a plan sponsor faces every day to manage and oversee plan assets and portfolios. We have experienced the management of defined benefit, defined contribution, endowment and foundation plans. In each case, the challenge of managing the portfolio and carrying out the governing duties were somewhat different. We tirelessly worked to solve the challenges and bring solutions that plan sponsors can utilize in one integrated problem. Operating multiple, siloed softwares and managing data across these products is extremely time consuming and error prone. RMC introduced PRISM to solve the inefficiencies that exist in a plan sponsor's world. PRISM is a holistic solution for all of the plan sponsor needs.


Work with plan sponsor

RMC principals worked more than a decade with plan sponsors to understand the day to day operations across various plan types and developed solutions.


Formation of the company

RMC formed in 2010 with the intent of bringing technology solutions to the marketplace and subsequently launched a cutting edge product.