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Knowledge Sharing

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Multi-Portal for Enhanced Knowledge Sharing

PRISM’s unique multi-portal structure and design option revolutionizes the business dynamics associated with managing assets such as pension funds, endowments and foundations. As a cloud based platform, PRISM offers a flexible, efficient model to respond to the various information needs of the many diverse parties (internal and external) involved.

Users are empowered to create multiple portals within PRISM targeted to specific user groups (e.g., HR, legal, accounting, finance, custodian, auditor, actuary, consultant, etc.) with particular document and data needs without involvement of the IT department.

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Key features/Benefits

Creates information solutions for the investment team and for everyone involved in the governance and compliance review of assets.

  • Portals, or individual websites, can be created in as little as 30 minutes and can be custom designed (format, cell wording, color, permissions, etc.) for each user groups’ needs.
  • Users can design/build portals to respond to various plans (or locations) as needed; helping users to manage pension plans, savings plans, foundations, or other special purpose funds.
  • Vendor portals provide an opportunity to help integrate vendors into the overall fund management process. It may also aid in implementing clearer lines of accountability via a vendor’s dashboard and compliance standard and can facilitate additional knowledge sharing.
  • Portals can be maintained for various boards and committee members or to facilitate information sharing across industry groups.
  • Trustees can access their own portals that can provide information easily and quickly helping to respond to numerous concerns and help establish transparency.