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Plan sponsors and institutional investors benefit from an effective reporting, analytics and information delivery strategy. This approach allows end users to review and digest large amounts of complex data in a simplified, efficient manner. As a result, resources can be focused more on proactive decision-making and other value-added activities.

Reports can span the spectrum from very detailed to high level; providing information for various types of end users including analysts to board members. Accurate reporting provides insight into trends, highlights problem areas, and provides for effective solutions.


Reports allow effective utilization of resources

PRISM offers reporting solutions that span the modules integrated into the software platform. Reports can be created to summarize investment analytics, to quickly determine compliance with regulations or governance, or to report performance and portfolio information. Users can either select from pre-defined reports or create customized solutions.

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Reporting solutions

PRISM incorporates cutting edge reporting capabilities, allowing users to select the types of reports and data that best meets their needs.

Formal board/committee reports are often required on a regular basis. PRISM provides the tools users require to meet their reporting needs. Users can either select from an array of pre-defined reports or customize individual reports through the report writer.

Additionally, PRISM can work with you to design and develop a specific report to meet your unique needs.

PRISM allows users to select from a collection of comprehensive reports, designed to offer commonly requested data in user friendly formats.

The array of pre-defined reports available spans the various modules and data types. Users can select from canned reports to aid with audits, compliance monitoring, and project milestones or can focus more on investments or holdings. Various reports are available based on specific plans or investment types, or for a specific operation or oversight role.

PRISM offers an innovative report writer allowing users to create custom reports. Users can include information from any of the data fields, across any of the modules, and conduct calculations or include specific commentary. Data can be presented in a custom view specific to your needs.

Reports can be created ad hoc, set-up as a template or scheduled for automatic delivery. Data can also be exported in various formats for use in other software products.