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Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds

PRISM provides the tools required to analyze hedge funds. With PRISM, users can create specific profiles for strategies; collect and analyze strategy data and integrate it into the overall portfolio. Users can collect information related to the strategy’s investment policy, description, portfolio construction, risk controls, trading strategy, fees, liquidity and team information.

PRISM has advanced data load processes and data entry forms to collect performance, market value and holdings data. We can also collect holdings data for both separate accounts and commingled fund investments. Having access to holdings allows PRISM the ability to calculate economic exposure of a security across all investments for the entire portfolio. PRISM can also collect hedge fund cashflow data and calculate IRR.

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Key Benefits

PRISM combines all of the oversight tools you need in one flexible, user friendly platform allowing fiduciaries and asset allocators to more effectively use their available resources and maximize their time to focus on the value added activities.

  • Investment Analytics: analyze the strategy's risk/return profile, factor exposures, distibution characteristics, attribution and overall impact on the portfolio.
  • Data Management: capture holdings and returns data at various frequencies from various sources such as custodians and money managers. Use proxies for data that is unavailable.
  • Document Management: maintain all strategy documentation such as investment management agreements, strategy discolsures and guidelines. Track and monitor receipt of necessary documents; automate notifications for missing documents.
  • CRM & Pipeline Managment: capture contacts, activities, and notes in a centralized platform to track and monitor investment activities. Manage your pipeline in a comprehensive manner to ensure compliance with your due diligence and hiring processes.
  • Process Management: collect data directly from the investment manager in an efficient manner and analyze it in multiple ways.
  • Reports: incorporate data directly into reports for various stakeholders.


Allow PRISM to be your everyday operational assistant to manage all of your oversight activities.

Due to PRISM’s flexible design, users can determine the performance periods and benchmarks at any level of an investment (e.g. individual investments or aggregate levels based on policy or asset class for example). PRISM can calculate absolute performance as well as relative to benchmarks for both liquid and illiquid investments, and perform risk and statistical analysis on the returns and holdings

Unlike PRISM, many systems offer analytics that have a single focus, such as risk, or only holdings based or returns based analytics. Unlike other systems, PRISM has the ability to analyze portfolios and investments in multi-dimensional ways. Besides traditional risk/return analysis, PRISM also offers factor based analysis.

PRISM has a built in optimizer to aid with your asset allocation needs. After users specify their constraints, the optimizer will provide solutions that maximize your portfolios utility. The optimizer guides you through the process in a user friendly way, allowing you to find an asset allocation solution to meet your risk/return goals. Currently, optimization can be completed using either mean variance or CVaR.

Run optimization for both active investments that are currently part of portfolio as well as including prospective investments to understand the allocation effect of prospective managers. Construct portfolio allocation for your expected risk/return criteria.