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CRM & Pipeline Management

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PRISM has a built-in CRM module that provides a central location to store both manager and vendor data. Information tracked can include contacts, titles, organizational information and product information. Additionally, all activities, meetings, conference calls, individual calls, outstanding tasks, agendas, meeting notes and other documents, can be captured. Lastly, tasks can be flagged to send out automatic reminder emails.


PRISM offers a one-stop, integrated approach to track projects from the initial data gathering stage, to final commitment, as well as all the due diligence in between. All documents, data and activities can be captured during the entire process and all contributions made by users are logged. Users finally will have access to a user friendly, comprehensive system to track all prospective investments through a customizable multi-stage pipeline process.

Key Features/Benefits

Simple, transparent, complete

Prism seamlessly integrates CRM people and activity tracking. All activities can be entered effortlessly into the system for easy retrieval via customized searches and reporting capabilities. All team members can access and contribute information simultaneously.

  • - Track managers and vendors data and activities
  • - Customizable multi-stage pipeline management
  • - Centralized data and document collection
  • - Simplified due diligence and approval process
  • - Reports for transparency and project monitoring
  • Central Platform

    All users contribute and retrieve information simultaneously without duplication of effort and data.

  • Efficent Tracking

    All information can be categorized and tagged for easy retrieval, dissemination, and monitoring.

  • Vendor Portal

    Information can be contributed and shared by restricted access to vendors and managers.

Get Results

Tracking active and prospective managers' activity and information can be tedious. PRISM facilitates efficiency and ease of operation that is necessary to collect all data and documents in a central location for evaluation and due diligence. With PRISM CRM and Pipeline Management tools, users can take notes, create and assign follow-up tasks, and display them in reports in a seamless, effective manner.

All information can be tracked in one, easy to access location; information can include names and contact information, meeting dates, attendees, agendas and pre-read, observations and assigned/completed tasks. Information can be easily contributed and shared across all users.

All data is easily searched and incorporated into reports; data can be searched using any customized criteria including dates, key words, user input etc. All history can be preserved even if a contact changes organizations or moves on.

System gates help prevent duplication of data and allows for auto compliance and verification checks.

Managers and vendors can enter their individual data and documents into the system via the vendor portal. This allows effortless content management and helps eliminate redundant effort and possible inaccuracies.

All due diligence records are preserved for audits and tracking purposes. PRISM records all data and documents collected during the entire evaluation process and catalogs them for easy retrieval.

External or internal auditors can be given access to the exact set of documents, with restricted access, through PRISM’s multi portal system.