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Document Management

Document Management

Gone are the days where mountains of paperwork fill file rooms and cabinets in order to retain the records required to prove a prudent fiduciary process has been carried out. Although there are many systems currently available, the majority of systems simply meet the basic need of eliminating paper documents for electronic retrieval. Unfortunately, most of these systems require trial and error on the part of each user to locate the specific document they require, which can be time consuming and frustrating. PRISM offers an efficient, robust way to administer, locate and limit, as necessary, access to documents while offering integration into the other tools in the system.

Several products have been developed to simply meet the many needs associated with storage of both paper and electronic documents. PRISM, however, was designed to respond not only to the basic document filing/organization requirements, but also to allow for efficient administration and integration with other information and PRISM modules (such as analytics and compliance).

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Key Features/Benefits

PRISM offers an integrated document management platform with a unique multi-portal system. The multi-portal system allows for efficient document organization while controlling access down to the individual document level.

  • Documents are stored just once, but can be accessed through multiple menus across multiple portals. Unlike traditional paper files and existing electronic files that assign documents to one file folder or one drawer in a cabinet, PRISM assigns each document a set of attributes which act like strings connecting the document with multiple portals. As such, an agreement can be stored under an agreement menu and under a restricted menu designed just for the auditors. This is done in one easy step as the document is loaded into the system.
  • PRISM has an automatic upload feature that allows the system to add content and organize it without the involvement of a user.
  • Documents can also be loaded manually, through email, smart phones and tablets or from existing electronic storage files, simply, securely and efficiently.
  • Documents are easily shared for efficient collaboration or can be restricted as required to maintain its confident nature.
  • Advanced compliance dashboards allow for automatic monitoring of all documents needed for regulatory or other governance criteria.


Retrieving documents once they have been filed can be one of the more frustrating challenges of document storage. As people tend to vary amongst their organizational logic, often only the person who filed the document is the one able to locate it. PRISM, on the other hand, employs a unique system where documents are tagged with document attributes (e.g. organizations, investments, services, plan types, etc.). Additionally, PRISM allows assignment of user-defined properties unique to each organization. Utilizing this approach, PRISM makes identification of a document systematic and standardized, allowing for not only easy retrieval by any user provided access, but to be used in PRISM’s advanced features such as a compliance dashboards and automatic retention polices.

Collecting and cataloging documents can be very tedious and time consuming. PRISM's advanced multi-portal content management system provides a framework for standardized, systematic organization.

Documents can be collected and entered into PRISM in a variety of user-friendly ways, including through an automatic email upload, a document upload interface or through an application add-in (e.g. Outlook).

Compliance with regulations and internal governance policies can be tedious and time consuming. PRISM not only allows automatic collection of required documents, but also monitors the receipt of such documents via compliance dashboards.

PRISM proactively monitors the existence of specified documents, can notify users when documents are missing, and can provide reports on compliance with the policies and regulations.

PRISM's advanced document cataloging and search process simplifies the requirement to provide documents necessary for an audit (internal or external) or for project work with a consultant. Users can quickly and efficiently provide restricted access to the required documents without the need to print, duplicate or email them to the appropriate parties. Auditors and consultants can access these documents from a portal/menu exclusively created for them, restricting them to view only items assigned.

PRISM's automatic user expiration ensures auditor's, consultants, or other users don’t continue to have access to the identified documents once the project has ended.