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Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning is key to ensure organizations continue to run despite unexpected circumstances. PRISM is designed to function as a mission critical system; as a primary information management tool, it is operational 24/7 (i.e. anytime, anywhere).

PRISM offers a centralized location for users to store data, documents, business continuity plans, policies and procedures. Reports, analytics and operations can all be conducted through PRISM, regardless of a user’s location. All they need is secure access to the internet.

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PRISM - the best solution

Organizations need to prepare for many adverse possibilities including employees not having access to their daily office space, not being able to access typical systems or company distributed equipment, or being unable to contact personnel. PRISM helps to centralize data, processes and procedures allowing users access from alternate locations and requires no special equipment. Available personnel can easily locate and implement key processes and tasks using the various modules PRISM has to offer.

  • Accessible Information

    Centralized data and document collection accessible by all users.

  • Centralized Tools

    Integrated analytics and reporting provides key information and analysis.

  • Transparency

    CRM and Pipeline Management tools provide contact information and monitoring of progress against projects.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Automated processes run, ensuring due diligence and data gathering efforts continue despite unpredicted circumstances.

Disaster recovery planning made simple

PRISM’s integrated, flexible platform makes it ideal for day-to-day responsibilities and simplifies disaster recovery needs.

Users can simultaneously access documents, data, and the various tools integrated into PRISM 24/7 from any location.

It’s unique document storage and retrieval platform is perfect for housing policies and procedures and the CRM tool ensures contact information and activities are always accessible.

Not all disasters result in loss of facilities or equipment. Some are caused by accidental deletions or intentional damaging actions by an employee. Although uncommon, the loss of data, documents or history can be damaging. PRISM combats this through special programming where data is not deleted but simply deactivated or masked from users view. Data, though also backed up, can be easily reactivated or retrieved once the error or malicious act is discovered.

PRISM has its own disaster recovery mitigation plan. Hardware and storage are organized into multiple locations, each having dual back-up servers with a SAN and tape storage. Additionally, If desired, users can utilize their own hardware facility with its operational standards.