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PRISM is like getting a second pair of hands. Or maybe eight. The operational features of PRISM centralize a diverse set of activities and tasks such as cash movement, personal trades, audit, checklists, report preparation and various administrative tasks.

This aids in cross training and can help maintain control when experiencing unexpected staff turnover or business continuity planning.

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Operational efficiency

PRISM brings discipline and operational efficiency via automation

Imagine having a system that streamlines and automates operational activities (e.g., filing, preparing reports, cash movements, personal trades, monthly reports, document retrieval, etc.) for any location in the world. Imagine having an employee that never sleeps, never goes on vacation, doesn’t get sick or give notice. Once a task/activity is automated, it doesn’t have to be relearned or retrained. PRISM is designed to automate these tasks, especially those that are routine or infrequent. PRISM offers both standard and custom features to help users respond to these “everyday problems” as efficiently as possible to improve team productivity.

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Key features and benefits

Standardize, automate and streamline tasks

Utilizing PRISM for operations aids organizations by standardizing reports, policies and processes across locations, automating and streamlining tasks to reduce redundant efforts and to help minimize errors.

  • Reduces time spent on non-value added tasks, leaving more time for the really important stuff.
  • Reduces operational costs by automating and standardizing routine tasks for any location around the globe.
  • Creates efficiency and improves team productivity via a variety of both standard and custom features.

Digital Assistant

Manual data aggregation, analysis, and report creation are generally error prone and inefficient. PRISM automates various aspects of plan, investment and operational activities, from task management to complex governance processes. PRISM is your digital assistant requiring fewer human resources while providing increased accuracy.

Errors resulting from manual, labor intensive activities or due to staff shortages can be costly to organizations. Missing important filings or delaying reports can result in fines or reputational risk. PRISM offers an integrated platform that reduces redundancies, automates and streamlines activities and processes, and reduces staff intervention on tasks.

This frees resources to focus on value added activities and allows easy redistribution of limited resources as required.

Manual execution of operations can be tedious and error prone. A rule based automated system can reduce redundant steps and increase accuracy.

Automation also helps to standardize processes and policies, making them more efficient and scalable. This allows the team to do more with fewer resources.

Carrying out spreadsheet based operations can be resource intensive. PRISM helps to automate and standardize various operational functions such as manager due diligence, invoice management, personal trade policies, report generation, and audit materials.

Utilize your resources more effectively while increasing your focus on value added activities.