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Defined Benefit

Defined Benefit Plans

Overseeing and investing defined benefit plan assets can be challenging. Fiduciaries must comply with ERISA, set and track investment policies and monitor compliance across both internal and external policies and regulations while meeting the stated benefit to participants.

PRISM has all of the necessary tools to assist plan sponsors in all aspects of managing and overseeing plan assets.

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Key Features and Benefits

Managing DB assets is time consuming and resource intensive. Activities can range from portfolio management to operational, governing endeavers. PRISM's integrated platform can help streamline and automate these activities.

  • Analytics: analyze and monitor the portfolio at multiple levels; perform risk/return analysis, create custom benchmarks and profiles for each strategy.
  • Reports: select from an array of canned reports or create custom reports for investment committees, management, vendors or auditors.
  • Data and Document Management: house returns and portfolio data for easy use across the various modules, including analytics, reports and governance. Store documents electronically with easy retrieval and restricted access at the document level.
  • CRM and Pipeline Management: easy access across all users to contact information, documents and tasks. Transparent due diligence tracking and monitoring to ensure all processes have been followed.
  • Governance: utilize compliance dash boards to simply and automate governing activities.


Allow PRISM to be your everyday operational assistant to manage all of your oversight activities. Pro-active monitoring is effective and cost efficient for meeting your oversight needs.

Through dashboards, checklists and email alerts, PRISM offers transparency through all business processes making it easy to see where the organization stands on compliance and governance.

PRISM actively reviews compliance of data and documents based on pre-determined rules. As such, PRISM automatically executes governance rules and sends notification of compliance without the need for labor intensive, manual intervention.

PRISM eliminates the need for labor intensive, manual intervention. Available resources instead can focus more on either issues that arise or on implementing processes that actively prevent or diminish the possibility of issues.

System gates help prevent duplication of data and allows for auto compliance and verification checks. Managers and vendors can enter their individual data and documents into the system via the vendor portal. This allows effortless content management and helps eliminate redundant effort and possible inaccuracies.

Managing assets can be complex and challenging. Internal and external regulations and policies have to be met while achieving specific investment outcomes. Data and documents need to be created, collected, maintained and analyzed to meet audit, due diligence and compliance needs. Managers, performance data, portfolio statistics and holdings need to be analyzed and monitored. All of these activities collectively can be resource intensive and time consuming.

PRISM offers solutions for all of these challenges in one integrated, user-friendly system. Allow PRISM to help you navigate through all of these processes in a cost-effective, efficient manner for the optimal outcome you are striving towards.