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Process Management

Process Management

PRISM offers a cutting-edge process management tool called Virtual Process Management (VPM). VPM combines the ability to assign objectives and responsibilities and monitor progression against these duties in a transparent manner. VPM can be utilized across functions to aid with project milestones, compliance with federal or corporate policies and regulations or even with individual investment guidelines and mandates.

Full transparency enables easy tracking of deadlines and compliance. Additionally, resource distribution or issues can be discovered earlier, enabling quick resolution of problems

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VPM is the solution

Abiding by regulations and internal governance policies can be tedious and resource intensive. PRISM deploys an integrated process management tool to help alleviate the burden and allow resources to be utilized more effectively. VPM allows data and information to be:

  • efficiently collected from external investment managers or vendors,
  • systematically organized and verified for completeness and accuracy,
  • analyzed in a cross dimensional manner; and
  • seamlessly shared internally or externally as required.

  • Efficient

    VPM eliminates the need for manual, document based data collection and replaces it with an electronic data collection process.

  • Transparent

    VPM allows data to be analyzed more effectively and allows for insight discovery or determining hidden issues before they occur.

  • Reduce Cost

    Seamless data collection and analysis simplifies process implementation, reducing costs and promoting more efficient utilization of resources.

  • Electronic Data

    Data is collected via electronic form making it easier to collate and display in reports without human interference.

  • Timely Execution

    Executing processes on time is a critical; PRISM enables automatic execution on a scheduled determined by your needs.

  • Ease of Operation

    Eliminate manual processing of data and reports, let PRISM make your process management a breeze.


Users manage numerous processes from hiring investment managers to filing regulatory paperwork. PRISM’s VPM deploys an online process management tool to gather information from all necessary parties and then generates compliance reports on the data. VPM streamlines any process from collecting data for form 5500, conflict of interest reporting or any other processes relevant to you.

Failure to timely execute compliance or project management can be expensive and resource intensive. Protect yourself against a compliance failure with VPM’s seamless process and data collection, monitoring and reporting tools.

Track responsibilities and progression of key roles and projects effortlessly. Monitor compliance with regulations and policies, both legal and corporate mandated. Effectively utilize resources and highlight potential issues early in each process.

Simplify time consuming and resource intensive data gathering. Instead, VPM offers electronic data sourcing, including systematic verification for completeness and accuracy.